Who Eat Termites?


There are many animals that eat termites, including anteaters, aardvarks, ground crickets, and some species of birds. These animals help to control the population of termites by eating them. Giant Anteater vs Termites | South America’s Weirdest Animals | National Geographic Wild UK Termites might not be the first thing that comes to mind when … Read more

Do Bees Lay Eggs in Bug Hotels?


No, bees do not lay eggs in bug hotels. Bug hotels are designed to provide a safe place for solitary bees and other small insects to nest and overwinter. While some bee species do use pre-existing cavities or tunnels to build their nests, they typically do not build their nests in man-made structures like bug … Read more

How Deep Should a Bug Hotel Be?


A bug hotel, also called a insectary or beetle bank, is a structure created to provide shelter and habitat for beneficial insects. The depth of the bug hotel should be based on the size and needs of the insects you are trying to attract. For example, if you are hoping to attract ground-dwelling beetles, your … Read more