Are Termites Attracted to Light? Exploring the Insect’s Attraction to Illumination


If you are asking are termites attracted to light at night? Are flying termites attracted to light? Termites are not attracted to light. They prefer dark and humid environments to thrive in. Termites are pests that can cause severe damage to wooden structures of buildings, and they thrive in warm and moist areas. As a … Read more

Can Insects Live in Cold Houses?

Can Insects Live in Cold Houses

Yes, some insects can live in cold houses. Some common indoor insects that can withstand colder temperatures include cockroaches, ants, and spiders. These insects are able to survive in colder climates by finding warm places to hide during the day and coming out at night to forage for food. As the weather gets colder, you … Read more

Bug Hotels as a Potential Solution for Gardening and Agriculture


Gardening and agriculture have always been dependent on the natural world, and insects play a crucial role in both. Pollination and pest control are two of the most important functions that insects provide for plants. However, as urbanization and industrialization continue to encroach on natural habitats, many insects are losing their homes and their numbers … Read more

Why Do Insects Infest Houses?


There are many reasons why insects might infest a house. Some insects are attracted to food sources, such as stored pantry goods or crumbs on the floor. Others are seeking out a warm, protected place to overwinter. Still others may be looking for a mate or a place to lay their eggs. Once inside, insects … Read more